Claudia Gunns is a character in The Get Down and is played by Julia Garner.

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Claudia is the privileged white girl daughter of one of New Yorks biggest businessmen Herbert Gunns. She is first seen when Zeke has dinner with Mr. Gunns to celebrate his internship at the World Trades Center.

Claudia is a gateway character to show some of the other music styles in the 70s. Zeke explains to her he is a hip-hop musician she admits she has never heard any hip-hop and listens to bands such as the Ramones. Zeke admits he has never heard of them even though they were the largest punk-rock band from New York in the mid 70s. Thus showing the huge difference in the twos upbringings and life styles.

Claudia also has a crush on Zeke, she finds him exotic and kisses him despite knowing he has a girlfriend.

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