Gone With the Solar Wind

Gone With The Solar Wind is an uncompleted musical science-fiction film that was set for release in 1978. Produced by Robert Stigwood and originally starring Misty Holloway and Clark Manero. It was a sci-fi retelling of Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel Gone with the Wind and the main character was named Starlet O'Hustle. The film is described as a galactic musical extravaganza with a disco musical soundtrack that is described as erotic. Misty Holloway was recast by Mylene Cruz after a performance she gave to Stigwood at Ruby Con. However, the film went through production issues following the death Pastor Ramon Cruz. Mylene was recast by a lesser talented actress, putting a strain on the production. However, after Stigwood meant up with Mylene at the Hotel Chelsea, he denounced the film and decided to focus on doing a musical based on Mylene's difficult upbringing which he states will be the "The Rocky of Musicals".