Herbert Gunns is a character in The Get Down and is played by Michel Gill.

Information Edit

Herbert is a businessman and supporter of then-Congressman Edward Koch. In "Forget Safety, Be Notorious", he tells Francisco that rallying his fellow Puerto Ricans behind Koch’s bid for mayor will net him $10 million for his pet housing project. Gunns is described as “one of the six kings” on the city’s fiscal-control committee working to bring the city back from bankruptcy.

Our protagonist Zeke lands an internship in Gunns' World Trade Center office. Gunns takes Zeke under his wing and teaches him many things about what it means to be a businessman in the ugly reality that is New York. In part two, Gunns offers Zeke a interview with the board of Yale university, where he is an alumni at.

Though Gunns is fictional, he may have been informed by prominent New York businessman Richard Ravitch