Mylene Cruz and The Soul Madonnas are a disco group formed in 1977 consisting of Mylene Cruz, Yolanda Kipling and Regina Diaz.

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Mylene Cruz is young girl from the South Bronx who was inspired by her idol Misty Holloway to become a discostar. In her father's church Mylene is belting out gospel-tinged disco music with her friends Yolanda and Regina singing backup. Discovered by Jackie Moreno the three form a group known as "The Soul Madonnas" and sign a record with him to make their dreams come to life.

The group’s first chart-topping single “Set Me Free” became huge after being played in a LGBT club in the North Bronx. Kick starting the trios music career becoming one of the last big disco groups of the era as hip-hop music made its way from the streets of New York to mainstream America and Radio

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