Pastor Ramon Cruz was a character in The Get Down and was played by Giancarlo Esposito.


Pastor Cruz is the charismatic head of his local Pentecostal church. Followers flock to his fiery sermons and firm, steady leadership. His teenage daughter, Mylene, has begun to rebel against their devoutly religious household, and much of Cruz’s attention is devoted to keeping her on the righteous path. Despite his strict house rules, Pastor Cruz has turned a blind eye to the shady dealings of his younger brother, and church benefactor, South Bronx City Councilman Papa Fuerte.

In the second half of Season 1, Pastor Cruz begins receiving opportunities due to Mylene's success though he is unaware of this. In the episode "Gamble Everything", when he is about to leave for a meeting for a television broadcasting service, he and Lydia get into a heated argument resulting him physically beating her and angrily going to find Mylene after finding out she is performing at Club Ruby Con.

After witnessing Mylene perform sexually and inappropriately at Club Ruby Con, he slaps her and is thrown out of the club and beaten. He returns to his brother's apartment and watches Lydia and Francisco kiss though the window. Lydia then reveals the affair that Francisco and she have been having for years and also reveals that Francisco is also Mylene's biological father. Pastor Cruz later proceeds to go to his church, records a suicide tape and shoots himself. He is later discovered by Mylene. His family has him cremated and they throw his ashes into a river.

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