Curtis "Shaolin Fantastic" Caldwell is the second main character in The Get Down and is played by Shameik Moore.


Spinning faster than a speeding bullet, cuttin records smoother than silk, able rock any party, anywhere, anytime. Real Life Super Hero.

Shaolin ‘Shao’ Fantastic is the ultimate persona of cool. He’s a one man wolf pack, a thrill seeker, a boundary breaker and swings towards the reckless. Shao gets his name from Shaolin Monks as well as knows kung-fu and carries around cane with a built-in blade.

Shaolin is introduced as a famous graffiti artist known as "Shao 007" who has hands like samurai swords. However, he is giving up graffiti in light of his new passion Scratch DJ-ing, taking after his idol and mentor Grandmaster Flash.

Shao is also a drug dealer under the Bronx Queenpin and his abuser, Fat Annie, he doesn't want to realize the fact that he is getting abused.. Which results in a lot of backlash from his fellow Get Down Brothers who are much against the trade. Shao wears his notorious red and white Puma Clyde shoes throughout the first part of the series. Though, in the second part, he changes his wardrobe in favor of red and black Puma Suede sneakers. In the last episode, Shao presents a different side of his character. Opposed to the hard-nosed DJ and slanger. Shao catches Dizzee Marcus "Dizzee" Kipling with his partner Thor (where Dizzee tells Shao that he is a bisexual) — which is not seen. Shao instead says that even he has secrets he won't tell. Like his real name, Curtis; thus, declaring that he will keep it a secret that Dizzee is bisexual because he feels it is unjust to not have your own secrets secrets.

Formation of the Get Down Brothers Edit

Grandmaster Flash a pioneer of hip-hop and Shao's mentor, tasks him to find a Misty Holloway record for his performance. When he comes to find it he has to steal it from protagonist Zeke. The two then fight back and forth for the record. When finally Shao pulls a knife on him; Zeke starts spitting lines and Shao realizes he has found the wordsmith he needs to write his rhymes.

Shao confronts Zeke when he's is with Dizzee, Ra-Ra, and Boo and tells them to follow him to the fliest secret underground party in all of New York. There he shows the four a new style of hip-hop created by Grandmaster Flash known as "The Get Down." Grandmaster Flash's wordsmith hands the mic to Zeke because he is the 'chosen one' and Zeke kills it. Rapping about his 'get down crew' he introduces Ra-Ra, Dizzee, Shaolin, and Boo. With that, the wheels are set in motion and The Get Down Brothers are born. 

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