The Get Down Brothers is the music group Zeke and his friends create once they are introduced to the hip-hop style known as "The Get Down."

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Shaolin Fantastic an aspiring DJ, team's up with Zeke "Books" a young poet and his three friends, Dizzee, RaRa, and BooBoo as they form "The Fantastic Four Plus One" with a dream to become successful music artists and take over the city. Their dream all started when Shaolin a once well know graffiti artist decided to focus on music and follow the way of his idol Grandmaster Flash.

  • Shaolin - DJ who spins the tracks
  • Books - Writes the rhymes
  • Ra-Ra - Speed raps
  • Dizzee - Raps/ Breakdances
  • Boo-Boo - Sings like the Jackson 5
  • Napoleon- record boy (not a real member)

"Shaolin's the DJ that we call conductor, Cause Shaolin Fantastic's a bad mother --record scratch"

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